A licensed venue in nearby Greensborough has rubbed salt into Watsonia’s wine bar wounds, starkly reminding us of our sad current predicament. Our suburb’s ongoing thirst for a wine bar has been well documented, and is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing social media traction on local Facebook groups, and now it seems good old Greensy is rubbing our face in it.

A large sign has appeared at the licensed venue on Main Street Greensborough, openly taunting passing Watsonia residents. One such passerby, Lisa Nelson, said she was deeply hurt by the in-your-face marketing strategy. She said, “We get it, alright. We know Greensy has a wine bar and we do not. I just don’t want that fact shoved in my face every time I drive through there.”

While Nelson conceded that the venue was actually quite nice, she again said that that only worsened her envy. She said, “It’s lovely, and that’s what hurts the most really. I mean, it would be easier if that Greensy wine bar was no good. But it’s a good spot. I’m just really really jealous. And I want one that I can easily walk and/or stumble home from after a few Friday wines. Is there a problem with that?”