A Collins Street farmer has carefully selected the perfect Instagram filter to accentuate his abdominal muscles on a photo taken during a brief break from his first act of manual labour in over a decade. Former Watsonia resident Chris Thomas made the deliberate choice on Saturday after spending an hour or so digging in the backyard of his inner north home.

Normally one to “outsource” physical jobs around the house, Thomas decided to put his carefully sculpted gym body to real use over the weekend while digging small holes for a low retaining wall. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the aggressive social media strategy he adopted on Saturday night after the digging was completed, Thomas said, “Yeah mate, I sampled all of them, and then decided that Hefe provided the best contours for my abs. Then I played with the Contrast and Brightness settings a little to really drive home the point. Mate, there’s no point spending all that time at my local F45 if I’m not going to show the rig off every now and then. For an office worker I’ve got a decent chassis, and I’m not afraid to give it an airing every now and then.”

While admitting that he was still dealing with the latter stages of delayed onset muscle soreness, Thomas said he was proud of his efforts. He said, “Mate, it was super-hot on Saturday, did you go outside? I mean, that kind of tanning weather was too good to ignore, so I’m glad I killed three birds with the one stone: 1. Topped up my tan. 2. Dug those holes. 3. Showed off my rig on Insta. That’s a good day in my book, haha!”