The world-famous electronic duo of Daft Punk have spectacularly revealed their true identity after announcing the break-up of their popular musical act… and it seems they were closer to home than many of us realised. While many were led to believe that the duo was made up by revered musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, a music industry insider has revealed that it was in fact Saverio and Anthony Rocca.

The brothers from the northern suburbs of Melbourne are best known for carving impressive sporting careers, but had harboured their close secret for decades. After creating hit after hit in the backyard studio at their mother’s house, the Rocca brothers realised that they wouldn’t be able to tour their albums while simultaneously pursuing their AFL careers, so enlisted the help of de Homem-Christo and Bangalter to take their show on the road, ingeniously coming up with the idea of wearing helmets on stage to shield their true identity.

The anonymous industry insider said, “Yeah mate, for real. It was the Rocca brothers all along. Those guys are super talented, but they loved their footy, so something had to give. And they seemed genuinely happy to stay in Melbourne playing in the AFL, while those other two guys toured the world and attracted all the accolades and groupies, and that. I mean, let’s be honest, Daft Punk were glorified DJs, so it didn’t matter who toured the music, it was all about the original compositions in the studio, which was where the Rocca brothers really starred.”