Production has reportedly commenced on a ground-breaking new sports documentary that will showcase the career of Carlton legend Lance Whitnall. Presumably attempting to cash in on the current trend of insider sports docos sparked by The Last Dance in 2020, this latest series will take a deep dive into Whitnall’s AFL career that spanned the late 1990s and most of the 2000s, and his return to local sport following his retirement from the professional level.

Currently running with the working title ‘The Last Lance’, the documentary will piece together archival footage to unlock the secrets of some of the Carlton cult figure’s most controversial moments both on and off the field. Among the topics to be explored include Whitnall’s high profile falling out with his brother, his ongoing struggles with injury, and the time comedian Dave O’Neil made a joke about Lance’s weight at a local sporting club function that Whitnall’s mother was in attendance.

The documentary is also expected to shine a light on Whitnall’s sporting exploits at the local level after he retired from the AFL. An accomplished cricketer, in addition to his obvious football talent, Whitnall’s willingness to give back to grassroots sport has formed a significant part of his legacy.