A Gippsland man has changed his surname in a bold attempt to seem more exotic and interesting. The man formerly known as Brenton Dinsdale is now running with the surname “Dinselae” in place of actually developing a decent personality and being a better bloke.

Dinselae formalised the name change yesterday during a brief appearance on WIN News, carefully spelling it out to the journalist after several attempts. Despite now dealing with the backlash of the controversial move, Dinselae says he’s holding firm on the tactic. He said, “Yeah mate, change is as good as a holiday as they say, haha. I’ve been thinking about it for a while actually, and yesterday was the perfect opportunity. I mean, other people just start calling me new names like ‘Cheezel’ without my permission, so why can’t I change my own name?”

However, a source from within the Dinsdale family is not impressed. Under the strict condition of anonymity, the insider said, “This is just not on. It’s the kind of look-at-me behaviour we expect from Joel, but not Brenton. Sure, I’d love to change my name to ‘Michel Dinselae’ but that would mean turning my back on generations of tradition. It’s unacceptable. Especially coming from my eldest son. Oh, take that bit out, that will make it obvious who I am.”