A customer at a local chemist has successfully navigated the alluring impulse purchase gauntlet on the way to the checkout, leaving only with their prescription medication. In what is believed to be a very rare achievement, Dan Lismore calmly walked through the gauntlet and got all the way to the counter without randomly selecting an extra item for purchase.

Reflecting on the experience, Lismore said, “I honestly didn’t think I had it in me, but I got through, and I’m so proud of myself. There’s always just so much there to tempt me. You know, AFL-branded tissue boxes, reduced shampoo and conditioner, body wash, a whole variety of fragrances, everything. But I put the blinkers on and I got through.”

Despite his obvious pride in the impressive achievement, Lismore insisted that it wasn’t an indication that he’d never be sucked in again. He said, “Oh no. I’m not silly enough to make a bold statement like that. You never know when you might feel like getting a travel size hand sanitiser just to keep in the car, you know. And that’s before you even look at the chewing gum and those delicious jelly beans.”