A local teenage Essendon fan has reportedly asked her father “What’s a finals win?” in an unsavoury incident that led to silent treatment and threats of a snap pocket money reduction. 16-year-old Jessica McManus posed the question to her father Luke over the weekend, but was met with an uncharacteristically cold response, before her father retreated to the garage for some thinking time.

Reflecting on the moment, Jessica said she now understands how insensitive the question really was. She said, “I mean, it was a genuine question on my behalf, because I’ve never experienced one myself, but it obviously triggered a whole bunch of emotions for Dad. I’m guessing the stark reality that the Bombers haven’t had a finals win in my entire lifetime was too much for him to process.”

Meanwhile, Jessica’s mother, a Tigers supporter, showed very little sympathy for her husband’s melancholy response. Her mother said, “Up until about three or four years ago that jerk used to hang shit on me all the time about Richmond. He was so sanctimonious, but was essentially stuck in the 80s and 90s. Now he’s sooking it up because Jessica’s question touched a nerve. Grow up.”