A rogue Briar Hill resident has launched a petition to rename his region “Upper Montmorency” in a bold attempt to break away from Greensborough and its 3088 postcode. Nicholas Frame says it’s time the lofty location had a name befitting of its elite populace, claiming Briar Hill had been culturally superior to the rest of Greensborough for “at least 10 to 15 years now”.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the reasoning behind the proposed name change, Frame said, “Personally, I’ve always aligned myself more closely to Montmorency than Greensborough. Geographically I’m just as close to Were Street as Greensborough Plaza and, besides, I absolutely abhor large shopping complexes. They’re completely devoid of character and personality. Not like Were Street. That vibe is just perfect. I love walking my rescue greyhound “Marty” down there each morning to get our little caffeine fix for the day. I get my soy latte, and Marty has a little puppachino. It’s all very civilised.”

While Frame seemed light on for further details behind the proposal, beyond constantly dropping his dog’s name into conversation, he said he’d already collected “almost 80 signatures” from fellow Briar Hill residents, and would take the idea to council once he got to 100 people on board. He said, “I assume it will get passed through. I mean, it just makes sense. The sooner they approve it, the better. House prices will go through the roof.”