A local jerk who lacks the ability to reverse a small trailer has had the audacity to mock the beleaguered captain of the Ever Given ship that has been stranded in the Suez Canal since late last week. Watsonia man Caleb Leonard made the disparaging remarks to friends at a BBQ yesterday afternoon, but when oddly quiet when one of his mates called him on his own driving ability – albeit in a car, let alone a ship that is 400 metres long.

A witness to the conversation contacted The Watsonia Bugle today to unpack the incident, stating that while Leonard probably deserved it, they worried he may not recover from the humiliating smack down. The anonymous friend claimed, “I mean, he likes to spout off a bit, so it was inevitable that he’d weigh into this one. On paper it seems like an easy task, but I don’t think Caleb was aware of the high winds and adverse conditions in the canal last week.”

The source went on to explain that Leonard’s long-time friend Darren did not mince words when exposing him. They said, “Dazza just went him. He started off by saying, ‘Mate, you can’t even reverse a little trailer into your driveway. I saw you hand your keys to your wife to do the honours when youse guys moved house a few years ago. So, I wouldn’t be critiquing this guy’s moves behind the wheel.’ There was just this long awkward silence after that. The only sound was Caleb awkwardly laughing, but even that went quiet after about 10 seconds when he realised he’d been smacked down. I almost felt sorry for him.”