At least one local footballer is reportedly glad TV cameras aren’t allowed into the change rooms at suburban level in the wake of an investigation into allegedly inappropriate pre-game behaviour by Collingwood’s Jordan De Goey last weekend. Local footy journeyman Steven Michael expressed dismay at the headlines De Goey had attracted over the last few days, privately admitting to a close friend that if cameras had recorded his changeroom antics across the length of his career, his reputation would be at direct odds with his impressive on-field legacy.

The source, who requested strict anonymity out of fear of physical reprisals, claimed the admissions came during a brief text message exchange with Michael yesterday afternoon. The source said, “Yeah mate, he reckons that if cameras were in the local rooms, he’d have been driven out of the game years ago. He kept saying the change rooms should be a safe place… well, at least safe from public damnation, not necessarily safe from his inappropriate behaviour.”

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle, a former teammate claimed that Michael’s dressing room rampages were so notorious that his nickname was “Fingers” for a three-year period between the 2011 and 2013 footy seasons. They said, “To be honest, he was out of control. Sure, there would’ve been some push back when cameras were first installed in the rooms but, long-term, video surveillance would’ve been a blessing in disguise.”