A rival streaming service has reportedly pitched a local competitor for Netflix’s upcoming “Byron Baes” reality series. While the identity of the streaming service remains closely guarded due to intellectual property issues, the working title and general themes of the proposed series have been leaked to The Watsonia Bugle.

Named “Bundoora Baes”, the documentary series is expected to follow the life and times of up to half a dozen young, attractive and exciting Bundoora residents as they enjoy their lavish lifestyle in our neighbouring suburb. Showcasing such exotic local hang outs as the thriving Bundoora Square retail precinct, Royal Bundoora Golf Course, the wild fringes of Plenty Gorge Park, and Uni Hill’s enviable café culture, the reality show will be a real boon for our local area.

One anonymous insider who says they worked closely on the pitch, revealed that the omnipresent Plenty Road tram line would also feature heavily. They said, “Yeah mate, bloody oath, just like that show Secret Life of Us. Every time they cut from one storyline to another, they’ll be using the sights and sounds of the number 86 tram as it reaches the very end of its long journey from the city. But that’s not all, Bundoora is a very diverse place, and stretches out for bloody miles. Where else could you be frolicking with the kangaroos at Plenty Gorge, getting stuck in traffic on Plenty Road, picking up a hot bargain at Uni Hill, and catching a quick class at one of two internationally-renowned universities… and all in the one day, mate. The directors of this show will be spoilt for choice.”

As the series is only in its infancy, the source said key characters hadn’t been locked in just yet. They said, “You might scoff, but there’s actually quite a few big influencers living in Bundy. They have a niche following, but sometimes that makes them even more influential. We’ve got plenty of talent to choose from, and applications will open soon.”