The original cast of hit Australian TV show Gladiators is reportedly in talks for a reunion show based at the Macorna Street gauntlet that currently emerges each work day in Watsonia North, building to an intense crescendo during the morning peak. The intense gauntlet has been naturally forming for months now, as work continues on the new childcare centre opposite the car wash, and the tradies working on the project have to find somewhere to park.

An already congested intersection during busy periods, the narrow Macorna Street now challenges local motorists to run the gauntlet each morning, expertly navigating multiple parked vans and utes, as well as oncoming traffic and an unfavourable traffic light sequence. Seemingly adept at making the best out of a bad situation, a local television producer came up with the idea to re-form the original cast of Gladiators from the mid-90s, not the failed reboot of 2008. The Gauntlet was one of the most popular events in the prime Gladiators era, requiring the challenger to run through a narrow space pitted against five Gladiators that were armed with ramrods and murderous intent.

Early talks surrounding the unlikely reunion have allegedly been quite successful, with original hosts Kimberley Joseph and Aaron Pedersen expected to sign on by early next week, and a decent contingent of the gladiators themselves keen to dust off the leotard. Despite now being firmly in the age category of his modern namesake, Cougar seemed particularly enthusiastic about the concept, confiding in an anonymous source that The Gauntlet was always his favourite event on the original Gladiators series.

More to come.