Former Australian cricketer Michael Slater has reportedly gotten blood (orange daiquiri) on his hands while in exile at the Maldives. Slater, who made headlines earlier this week for suggesting Prime Minister Scott Morrison had blood on his hands due to strict border control measures, recently touched down in the tropical paradise after leaving a commentating stint in the Indian Premier League.

Settling into island life, it’s believed Slater ordered multiple cocktails whilst biding his time for re-entry into Australia. After the fifth or sixth round, and while reaching for the room service menu, it’s alleged the former Test opener accidentally spilt one of his daiquiris, with the sweet alcoholic substance washing over his right hand.

The man they call “Slats” was noticeably riled by the incident, later seen attempting to sponge portions of the spilled drink out of his holiday shirt. An anonymous source from the resort where the blood spill occurred claimed Slater was still upset during the sunset dinner service. They said, “Yeah, he still seemed a bit miffed by the earlier spill. He loudly mentioned it in conversation a couple of times during dessert, but he seemed to keep the story confined to the restaurant, instead of tweeting about it to a global audience.”