A local mum has been accused by her children of treating the family Tupperware collection with the level of reverence normally reserved for religious artefacts. Unpaid Tupperware advocate Sharon Lewis claims the accusations are unfair, and she just wishes her family members were as reliable as the Tupperware Salad Spinner she bought 15 years ago.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Sharon said, “This is rubbish. Those kids don’t know what they’re talking about. Tupperware sits comfortably at the god-level of kitchen accessories. I can’t believe I’ve raised the kind of humans that disrespect the reliability and value for money that Tupperware represents. Do you know they come with a lifetime warranty? Companies don’t hand that kind of guarantee out if they’re selling crap.”

Meanwhile, Sharon’s daughter Leni said, “It’s gone too far. I think she loves that stuff more than she loves us sometimes. She won’t even let us use those drink bottles any more. She reckons we ‘don’t cherish them enough’. That’s a direct quote, you can use that. She’s lost the plot.”