An evolved breed of bin chicken has been spotted grazing in multiple Greensborough locations in recent months, both shocking and amazing local zoologists. Noticeably having much more black on their feathers than the traditional Australian white ibis, this new breed has been frequently spotted around the Greensborough Park and Whatmough Park areas, presumably making the most of the close proximity to the pure waters of the Plenty River.

According to local zoologists, this new breed seems to think it is beyond bin scavenging… for now. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about this latest fauna phenomenon, Professor Leonard Taylor said, “It’s all quite extraordinary really. I feel this sub-species has seen the unsavoury attention directed towards the Australian white ibis and decided to evolve, in a relatively short time, to a different looking animal with distinctly different dining habits. The animal kingdom is truly remarkable.”

However, Professor Taylor also indicated that this supposedly clean-eating ibis might eventually have to move up to the nearby Greensborough Plaza and its steady supply of rubbish bins. He said, “Sure, this new breed might think it’s all high and mighty eating mostly organic food, but what happens when all the insects and grass get eaten down at the oval? Not to mention the superior taste and flavour of a half-eaten burger that’s been fermenting in bin juice on Main Street outside the plaza. Those guys will be lingering around high traffic areas before you know it.”