A local man has returned home and treated himself to a decadent nap on the couch after a long, hard week of Instagram influencing. Briar Hill’s very own Christian Chatt reportedly took the nap on Monday afternoon, after returning from his well-documented interstate trip while the majority of his social media following, and his young family, was stranded by Melbourne’s fourth lockdown.

Seemingly exhausted by his obvious inability to read the metaphorical room, Chatt nestled his tired head on a pillow and indulged in some much needed rest. Having earlier defended his increased social media presence by claiming he was “just giving the people what they want”, Chatt enjoyed a brief nap before waking and remaining mostly oblivious to the cold, hard reality of being trapped in yet another Melbourne lockdown.

Despite Chatt’s protestations, one anonymous follower of all of his social media accounts claimed the former child star had lost touch with the common man many years ago. They said, “Giving us what we want? Well, that’s not entirely true, because at one point I wanted one of those crocodiles to launch out of the water and drag Chatty to his death. But that didn’t happen.”