A local man has expressed his deep regret at not making the most of 2021 so far, as he fears another long-term lockdown for Melbourne. Callum Richardson made the solemn observation last night, as he waited anxiously to hear if the current lockdown would extend beyond its initial seven days.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Richardson said, “I don’t know, call it complacency, call it whatever, but I just never thought we go back to the depths of last year. So, I sat on my hands, and stayed at home like I did in 2020. There was comfort in home. But, in reality, I should’ve been out and about, getting on the beers and getting around the boys. I’m a complete idiot. I’d give me left nut now just to have a few rounds of pots at the RSL.”

Insisting that he’s normally quite an optimistic guy, Richardson said the last five days had been made more difficult by his deep-seated feelings of overwhelming regret. He said, “I haven’t even had the daily dose of Dan. I mean, Merlino’s alright, and I liked his cheeky swipe at ScoMo, but there’s nothing like Dan Andrews in that North Face jacket to reassure me and calm my nerves. This sucks.”