A local nimrod claims he’s really happy with the overall standard of political leadership in Australia right now, telling friends it’s a good time to be alive. Hugh Williams made the unpopular statement last night, as Melbourne prepared to enter its fifth lockdown, and a decent vaccine rollout still seems a long way away.

Expanding on his comments this morning in a rambling interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Williams said, “Yeah mate, I stand by my comments. I just think leadership has never been stronger in this country. We’re really lucky. I mean, ScoMo’s doing his best, you know. He didn’t need K-Rudd sticking his nose into things. And he had to quarantine when he got back from OS. So it was hard for him to make comments when Sydney’s problems started to escalate. Video calls and online technology are only in their infancy at the moment, and people are still trying to get their heads around it. And why should he have been more of a public support for Victoria last year when we went through lockdown hell. He doesn’t even live here!”

Williams’ glowing report card even extended to state politics, giving Gladys a big tick for the way she’s handled things in NSW over the last month. Williams said, “They say people need to learn from the mistakes of the past, but that’s bullshit. Sydney’s heaps different to Melbourne. Like, they have better beaches and that. So why should they follow our stringent lockdown patterns? It’s better to just treat the populace like a political football because you’re too ashamed to eat the words you said about Victoria last year. And I’m okay with that.”

Williams also claimed that the current leadership glut extended to opposition parties, resulting in a wealth of options for Australian voters. He said, “We’re spoilt for choice really. I mean, the opposition parties at all levels are just throwing up strong alternatives left, right and centre. So if you’re not happy with any of the incumbents, you can vote with your feet. It’s just awesome.”