A local man has claimed that he gets actual goosebumps every single time he watches Sticks Kernahan singing “Stand by Your Man”. Watsonia man Brandon Gleeson has also told The Watsonia Bugle that the sight of Kernahan singing loudly in public is simultaneously symbolic of everything that was great about the 1980s, and everything that is wrong with footy these days.

The iconic footage, featuring Kernahan out the front of a local pub belting out a soulful rendition of the country and western classic, has reached cult status amongst footy fans over 30 years since it was first recorded, with YouTube allowing anyone the chance to get their Sticks Kernahan fix at a moment’s notice. Gleeson estimates that he watches the clip at least, “three to four times a week, sometimes more”, and that goosebumps cover his body every single time.

In an exclusive interview, Gleeson also said, “When he gets to the word ‘hard’ you hear a musical note that is more emotive than any note struck by the great composers. It’s like peering directly into a man’s soul. It’s incredible.”