A local man concedes he’s slowly coming around to the possibility The Whitlam’s hit song “No Aphrodisiac” might actually be about cranking one out. While the song is now almost 23 years old, Aussie music enthusiast James Taylor claims it’s only just occurred to him that maybe some of the themes expressed in the lyrics could be referring to self pleasure.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his recent revelation, Taylor said, “I guess I’d never really analysed the lyrics or given them much deep thought, but the other night I was listening to the song while doing the dishes and it kind of just struck me. I mean, it seems kinda obvious now, but the penny has only just dropped for me.”

Outlining the specific parts of the song that allude towards doing the washing by hand, Taylor said, “Well, there’s the obvious bits. Obviously the whole song is themed around arousal, and he says he’s ‘got a video set up’, yeah, look, I’m pretty sure it’s all about cranking. Oh well, that’s just another chapter of my youth that has been sullied. 2021 hey? What a ride.”