A local man has lamented Victoria’s latest lockdown announcement, and then headed straight to the bottle shop on his way home from work. Darren Henshaw made the slight detour just moments ago, and was interviewed by The Watsonia Bugle as he exited the liquor store in the heart of Watsonia’s CBD.

In an exclusive interview, Henshaw said, “Yeah mate, look, philosophically I’m against the idea of panic buying, but you can never have too much beer. And if I’m gonna be stuck at home all weekend with the missus and the kids, I’m gonna need this.”

Refusing to be drawn into a wider political discussion, Henshaw merely said, “Maybe I’ll just stay at home drinking for the next few months while all those dickhead politicians try and work out what to do. I mean, they’ve only had 18 months to get their heads around this. Maybe they need more time?”