A local Baby Boomer says he’s confused by the sudden spate of encouragement he’s receiving from younger generations over the last week or so. Graeme Wilson claims he’s accustomed to dismissive “Okay Boomer” comments from local youths, but in the last 10 days he’s been hearing more positive “C’mon Boomers” and “How good are the Boomers going” on his daily walks through Watsonia’s CBD.

While Wilson said he appreciates the more positive comments from the younger generations, he’s not sure what’s behind it, so is remaining slightly guarded about the whole situation. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Wilson said, “It’s just sought of come from nowhere. One day kids are giving me the old ‘Okay Boomer’ treatment, but this week it sounds like they’re cheering me on.”

According to Wilson, the newfound encouragement has been filtering into all aspects of his daily routine. He said, “Just the other day I was ordering my morning cappuccino from the local cafeteria, and I overheard one young man say to his friend, ‘Man, I’m just loving the Boomers at the moment. Real good vibes all round.’ I mean, what’s that all about? What’s a vibe?”