Legendary Australian basketballer Andrew Gaze has reportedly said that if the Boomers win tomorrow afternoon against the USA in the Olympic semi-final it’ll top the glorious day that he opened Thomastown Bunnings. Gaze has joined the public groundswell of support for our nation’s male basketball team, striving for their first ever Olympic medal.

A source close to the popular Aussie icon revealed to The Watsonia Bugle that while the opening ceremony at Thomastown Bunnings was one of Gaze’s all-time career highlights, watching the Boomers succeed against the world’s best would be more exciting. The source said, “Yeah, for sure, he was adamant about this. As you guys know, opening that Bunnings store has long ranked high among Gazey’s many experiences and achievements, but I reckon The Boomers toppling the Yanks would be epic. Too big to ignore.”