Initial plans have been unveiled for a new reality TV concept that will celebrate the magical moment when you first bring that special someone back to the Diamond Valley and formalise your union. Believed to be known as Vallied at First Sight, the show is still in its very early planning stages, but an inside source from the production crew has been able to share some of the intimate details.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, the source said, “Yep, planning is definitely underway as we speak. They reckon it’s a real goer. We want to successfully capture that special moment when a Diamond Valley resident meets someone from elsewhere in Melbourne, sparks fly, and they lure them back to the Valley. This location-specific kind of concept could really revolutionise the type of programming that gets beamed into Australian homes each week.”

The source went on to explain some of the thinking behind the show, including the elaborate rebuilding of a number of Melbourne’s most iconic venues. They said, “Most of the faux commitment ceremonies that kick off the show will be staged at purpose-built venues that replicate some of the hottest nightspots over the years. We’re talking Metro, Billboards, Bobby McGees, CQ, Arizona Bar. You know, the kind of places that young adults from the Diamond Valley used to congregate in huge numbers. That kind of nostalgia will be a real hit with the viewers, we think.”

Instead of elaborate “honeymoons” after the first episodes, the new couples will go on a series of dates at iconic local venues such as the Lower Plenty Hotel, all of the RSLs, the old food court at Greensborough Plaza, and the kiosk at Diamond Valley Stadium. Producers of the show claim these types of outings will quickly ascertain whether the outsider in the couple has what it takes to successfully integrate into the Diamond Valley lifestyle. According to the source, “These types of shows like to put the new couples in challenging scenarios, and there are few things more challenging that being on a hot date at the old food court while a table of kids behind you are yelling and screaming at their parents.”

While the source insisted that they couldn’t provide a date for the first round of auditions, they did promise that eligible Diamond Valley singletons would be given ample opportunity to apply for the show. They said, “Absolutely. There will be a thorough search across the region for the most entertaining people who are genuinely looking for love, not just their 15 minutes of fame. That said, an emotional back story and/or a couple of crazy family members would be quite advantageous.”