A Watsonia woman has claimed she’s actually quite excited about tonight’s Census count, conceding she’s basically looking for any activity outside of the usual monotonous lockdown routine. Nina McLaughlin insisted that the Census provides an accurate snapshot of Australia’s ever-evolving demographics, and that now more than ever she has time to delve into those specific numbers.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, McLaughlin said, “This is actually really exciting, seriously. I mean, the last Census was conducted back in 2016, and so much has changed in society since then. House prices in Watsy are now consistently over the one million dollar mark, and we now have a quality local newspaper. The change has actually been quite pronounced when you think about it, and that’s before you even consider the impact of COVID.”

When asked how she would be submitting her own household’s information, McLaughlin said, “Look, I’m really going to make a night out of it. Pour myself a generous glass of red, put some music on, settle into the couch with my laptop, it’s gonna be great. I’m so looking forward to it.”