A particularly forlorn local man has revealed that he’s struggling to understand why the early-2000s TV show Ed is not available on any streaming services. Damian Linfield went public with his problem earlier this week, typing a lengthy Facebook post documenting his secret pain, and imploring someone to take up the rights to the niche, yet hilarious, show that enjoyed a run of 83 episodes over four seasons.

The series documented the reinvention of Edward Jeremy Stevens, whose life was forever altered when – all on the same day – he was fired from his job and discovered his wife was having an affair with the mailman. Heartbroken and out of work, Ed returns to his home town, buys the local bowling alley, engages in a seemingly never-ending “will they or won’t they” thing with his schoolyard crush, and general hilarity ensues.

Despite these tantalising ingredients, and the advent of countless streaming services, episodes of Ed are currently impossible to obtain, with the series not even available on DVD. According to Linfield, this is an absolute outrage that must be corrected immediately. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, he said, “I need Ed in my life, I really do. That show is all-time, man. It’s got Virginia Venit in her prime, that hilarious character Phil Stubbs, Justin Long’s earliest work, and that ongoing $10 bet thing between Ed and Mike. What’s not to love? Surely at least one of these streaming services can pick up the rights. Just one!”