Local residents have been encouraged to place cinnamon donuts on their front doorsteps to acknowledge today’s eighth anniversary of the tragic inferno that destroyed the iconic Smorgy’s restaurant on Plenty Road. The idea is the brainchild of local food blogger Charlie Boyle who felt it pertinent to pay homage to what was once a food destination of choice for people living in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Boyle said, “While its final years were a sad and slow decline, nobody can doubt that in the mid- to late-90s that place was an absolute beacon of dining excellence in the north of Melbourne. With an unashamedly proud tradition of favouring quantity over quality, people would literally queue up for hours just to get into the joint. It was an iconic venue in the northern suburbs.”

When asked why, of all the foods formerly served at Smorgy’s, he was encouraging people to put cinnamon donuts out to acknowledge to sad end to the family restaurant, Boyle said, “Having its own cinnamon donut machine was basically the crowning glory on an already glittering throne. No matter how many entrees and mains you’d scoffed down, you could always make room for a couple of freshly cooked cinnamon donuts… covered in vanilla soft serve and doused with a variety of flavoured toppings. It was their point of difference.”

However, if you’re unable to get your hands on a couple of cinnamon donuts at such short notice, Boyle did name a couple of suitable alternatives. He said, “You could put out a pasta bake with an upper crust that could be used as a shield in a medieval battle, a fistful of hot chips, or a large wobbling bowl of jelly. There were so many wonderful Smorgy’s staples, but I just felt that the cinnamon donut was a real flagship dish at that wonderful place.”