The Victorian real estate industry seems desperate to anoint our state’s answer to Byron Bay, with at least two strong nominations submitted in recent weeks. Presumably trying to cash in on links to the location of our nation’s most expensive real estate, two different news articles have been published suggesting Cape Woolamai and… wait for it… Yackandandah are Victoria’s answer to the infamous hamlet on the north coast of New South Wales.

However, not everyone is buying the comparisons, with one Watsonia man calling the bluff of these bold claims. David Finlayson contacted The Watsonia Bugle last night to air his grievances, saying the comparisons were lazy at best. He said, “Woolamai’s the new Byron, give us a spell! It’s freezing down there for about 10 months of the year. What makes it like Byron? Is it just because the Hemsworths lived on Phillip Island for a few years when they were younger?”

And while Finlayson thought the Cape Woolamai comparison was a stretch, the Yackandandah likeness officially tipped him over the edge. He said, “Yackandandah is about 300 kilometres from the nearest beach, and that’s over a mountain range, so would take you bloody ages to get there. Did they just see it was near Beechworth, and get confused with ‘beach’? I mean, seriously, Yackandandah is not the new Byron. Spare me.”