An exclusive report into social media use in the local area has revealed there is a foot bridge in Eltham that’s impossible to cross without taking a photo of the ambient serenity. Seemingly possessing similar magnetic qualities to Degraves Street and Hosier Lane in Melbourne’s CBD, the bridge that crosses the Yarra River at the back of Lower Eltham Park has become the Diamond Valley’s most snapped location – as social media users scramble for new content sources beyond the previously bankable options of being at parties with other human beings, going out for dinner, and attending major events in our previously vibrant city.

The report analysed online traffic on a number of social media platforms before eventually landing on this bridge for the most popular location in our local region. Analysts then installed cameras on both sides of the bridge to monitor traffic over two full weeks.

According to the lead analyst behind the report, “The footage from that fortnight is actually quite remarkable. It’s like this invisible force-field. And it’s especially strong around sunrise and sunset. Some people even try to fight it, but then eventually double back to get their phones out. I’ve never seen human behaviour like it. And who can blame them? It’s quite a nice spot.”