A bold attempt is currently being made to fix the Greensborough Maccas drive thru, with the ambitious hope that it could fix a problem that has plagued takeaway lovers for well over a decade now. The awkward dual-entry to the old setup has prompted multiple road rage incidents over the years, a problem that seems to have been exacerbated by lockdown as more people choose the drive thru option.

Once described by a loyal customer as the “world’s worst drive-thru bottleneck”, it seems the new arrangement will provide two ordering sections, which will hopefully avoid the old stand-offs that used to occur between motorists competing for the single microphone. And local fast food lovers seem to be impressed by the works, with some claiming the previous shuffle impacted on their overall dining experience.

One such local, Watsonia man Darren Gladstone, said, “This is huge mate, massive. I’m so pumped. That old setup was a nightmare. Jerks from the depths of the Greensy Plaza car park passively aggressively cutting the queue and refusing to make eye contact with me. I tell you what, a few times, especially when I was hungover, I’d just blow me top! And once you were in the queue, you couldn’t retreat and just walk in for the dine-in experience. You were bloody stuck there for ages.”