In what has been described as the height of modern parenting, a local father is not happy with the manner in which his children speak to virtual assistant Siri. Luke Mellican did his block yesterday morning after his two sons hijacked his phone and fired a series of risqué questions at the voice-controlled application, putting a one-week ban on phone time for his children as a result of their actions.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the incident, Mellican said, “Mate, you should’ve heard them, it was absurd. They kept asking Siri what her butt looked like. I mean, what is wrong with those little monsters? Hopefully this one-week ban will teach them some manners. I don’t care if Siri is ‘just a computer’, when you’re living in iso she’s about as close as they’ll get to interacting with another human being. They need to lift their game.”

Prominent parenting expert Helen Bracewell said that Mellican’s experience was not an isolated one in modern parenting. She said, “I guarantee he’s not the only one who feels that way. As kids become more tech savvy, modern parents are being confronting with a range of challenges that their own parents would not have faced.”