Our neighbouring suburb of Greensborough is preparing to launch a bold new tourism strategy to attract visitors to the area once current COVID restrictions have been lifted, and local businesses in our region attempt to get back on their feet. A working group has been meeting on a weekly basis to brainstorm potential ideas to boost local tourism, with the winning proposal being the erection of a large “GREENSYWOOD” sign to sit above Partingtons Flat.

Specifically how that installation would boost tourism remains unclear, but a spokesperson from the working group claimed it had to do with the increased role that social media plays in our lives. In an exclusive interview, the spokesperson said, “I mean, look at the Hollywood sign. It’s basically just a poorly constructed billboard, but enjoys icon status all around the world. People love getting their photos taken in front of it for some unknown reason, so why can’t we bring some of that banal behaviour to Greensborough. And once you’ve had your photo taken, why not get something to eat from the Greensborough Plaza food court, or pop into Kmart for a few things.”

The spokesperson also claimed the large sign could be accompanied by a range of merchandise, with t-shirts, hats, fridge magnets, and tea towels high on the list. They said, “Come for the sign, stay for the souvenirs! Commemorative tea towels are the backbone of the Australian tourism industry, and one with ‘GREENSYWOOD’ plastered all over it would look fantastic hanging from your oven door. A constant reminder of that time you went to Greensy and saw the big sign.”