A Watsonia woman says she’s mightily impressed by her grandson’s newfound maturity as he seems to have really embraced picnicking, to the point where it’s all he talks about now. Nora Mellican said her grandson Ben’s wild youth seems to be past him now, as he’s found himself a nice picnic basket and is embracing the opportunity to get some fresh air and share some sandwiches with his friends in the park.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Nora said, “It’s just wonderful really. He used to be right into the nightclubbing scene, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d dabbled in illicit substances, but lockdown seems to have changed him. Now he just needs to find a nice young girl and properly settle down. I’d love to see that.”

Meanwhile, Ben says he hasn’t got the heart to tell his grandma what’s really going on inside his plaid-patterned picnic basket. He said, “Mate, what can I say? She’s been really supportive on all me IG posts, but that’s because they’re all PG-rated, and she hasn’t quite picked up on the sarcasm in me captions. Lucky she’s not on TikTok… lol!”