Mysterious crop circles have appeared on the Binnak Park oval, which seems like no big deal at this point because things can’t get much weirder with that refurbishment project. As the Watsonia North community enters its 13th frustrating month without access to their treasured oval, the latest development barely rated a mention amongst dog walkers this morning.

One passerby said, “Nothing surprises me anymore. This is becoming a bit of a joke. If North East Link can’t complete this to schedule, how are they going to build that massive tunnel and tollway? At this rate, it’ll be ready to drive on in about 2037.”

While another local resident said Melbourne’s recent AFL premiership had been the final nail in the coffin for him, claiming “Mate, seriously, the Demons have won a premiership in the time it’s taken them to get this joint ready. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take them 57 years to take away all the temporary fencing!”