A local anti-vaxxer claims he lost his main pandemic information sources during this morning’s Facebook outage, and honestly wasn’t sure who to believe. To compound the issue, Darren Bracewell said even Instagram and WhatsApp were down, forcing him to turn to sources that may have been verified by actual medical professionals.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about his ordeal, Bracewell said, “Oh man, it was a nightmare. Like, all those accounts that give me all my usual info were down, so I had no content to repost to all my followers. And now that I can’t go anywhere due to my personal choice to not be vaccinated, social media is all I have. It was a real infringement of my human rights.”

When asked whether the outage had given him the opportunity to do some genuine research on world issues, rather than just a lazy Facebook news feed scroll, Bracewell said, “Oh, youse can talk. You reckon there’s a whale in Kalparrin Lake. I checked that, and it wasn’t true. And besides, Twitter was still up, so I just jumped across to that. Plenty of free speech on Twitter. No sheeple there.”