A Watsonia man has staunchly opposed the push to join the now widespread sour beer craze, controversially comparing the new offerings to non-alcoholic fruit juice. Geoff Matthews made the contentious comparison last night, while sitting through yet another one of those online trivia nights.

Half way through a round of questions, Matthews allegedly launched into an unprompted tirade, telling all participants of the video chat what he really thought about the advent of sour beers on Melbourne’s burgeoning craft beer scene. Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle this morning to clarify his controversial position, Matthews said, “Yeah mate, I stand by my comments. Them sour beers are terrible. I mean, if I wanted a fruit juice, I would’ve grabbed a six pack of Primas from the supermarket.”

Matthews then went on to say that he held genuine concerns about what the next frontier would be for artisan brewers. He said, “First it was them pale ales, then the IPAs, now the sours. What’s next, mate? A Lemon Ruski–flavoured beer? No thanks. At what point will these clowns just admit that they’re not producing beer anymore? They’re just flogging off watered-down UDLs with fancy names to justify the higher price tag. It’s not on.”