Following a long wait, the fences have been taken down around the Binnak Park oval, and the people’s ground is now back with the people. Bleary-eyed local residents have been emerging from all corners of the park this morning to pay homage to the hallowed turf, with some analysts predicting a bumper weekend at the unofficial village square of Watsonia North.

The Watsonia Bugle was on the scene this morning to canvas passionate locals, with many getting quite emotional when talking about the return of the glorious venue. One such Watsonia North resident, Jerome McManus was particularly effusive. He said, “Mate, it’s a fair indication of how rough the last 18 months have been, but I’m genuinely aroused by this. I’m just so happy to have my feet back on this hallowed turf. I can’t fully articulate what this means to me. It’s special, very special.”

Meanwhile, another local was quick to downplay the Bugle’s involvement in the removal of the fences. Lisa Nielson said that our exclusive earlier in the week about mysterious crop circles appearing on the oval had nothing to do with today’s events. She said, “Please. You guys need to stop inserting yourself into the story. As if your fanciful idea of some American garbage appearing here on the oval has nothing to do with the fence removal. Get over yourselves.”