A local parent has just shuddered at the reminder that they’ll have to find 25 new scenarios to place their family’s creepy elf toy during the month of December. Watsonia mother-of-three Grace Balter said she’d all but forgotten about her family’s most annoying tradition, openly suggesting that Christmas was a busy enough time of year without the nightly ritual of trying to find somewhere new to put the possessed figurine.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about this afternoon’s jarring realisation, Balter said, “It’s actually ruined my day. You know, the sun was out this morning, I momentarily forgot about Omicron, and I was having an alright day at work, then bang: I remembered that little jerk. Seriously, it was fun for the first week, but that was four years ago. Now I’m snookered. If I sack the whole thing, the kids will lose the entire illusion of Christmas.”

Balter estimated that last year she’d gotten into bed about seven or eight nights in December before remembering that the elf must be repositioned for the next morning’s reveal. She said, “Those nights are always the worst. You finally fall into bed after another busy day, and then it feels like Everest to climb out of bed and find somewhere new to shove him. I really dial those ones in to be honest.”