A local dad claims that he is already mentally preparing to pack the car for his family holiday after Boxing Day this year. While the departure date is just under a month away, Wayne Harris says failing to prepare for such a delicate operation is preparing to fail.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Harris said, “Mate, it’s like a high stakes combination of Tetris and Jenga. One false step and the whole thing can come crashing down. The entire inside of that car becomes a very delicate ecosystem. There’s definitely an art to packing it all. And it’s an art that only I can master.”

While Harris believes he has become quite adept at the task over the years, he said that one variable gives him sleepless nights every year. He said, “Christmas Day is a real minefield. An absolute unknown. I mean, I’ve got a direct line to Santa so I kind of know what the kids will be getting, but who knows what their grandparents or cousins are going to bring? If it’s bulky, it’s a real negotiation the next day with the kids. Their understanding of the term ‘essential item’ is very sketchy.”

Harris also indicated that you can’t rest on the laurels once you arrive at the destination. He said, “I basically have to monitor every single purchase that each person makes over the two weeks. If it can’t be cancelled out with one of the perishables that we’ve brought with us from Melbourne on Boxing Day, we’re screwed. I watch them all very closely. It’s not really a holiday for me to be totally honest. Being at work is less stressful.”