Representatives from the large corporation responsible for its production have confirmed that annual sales of Peppermint Crisp are substantially propped up by high demand during pavlova season. From around December to early March, Peppermint Crisp sales are roughly 587% higher than they are in the colder months of the year, otherwise known as pavlova off-season.

While there is a niche group of people who enjoy eating the chocolate bar all year round, the vast majority of Peppermint Crisp users crush the product up for a delicious and visually pleasing pavlova topping. Insiders at Nestle went as far as to suggest that if pavlovas didn’t exist, Peppermint Crisp would be removed from their product line.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Peppermint Crisp account manager Fraser Kennington said, “If it wasn’t for pavs, the good old P. Crisp would be redundant. I mean who’s just eating it as it is? It’s my job to sell ‘em and I’ve done a million SWOT analyses and still can’t find any more opportunities than pavlovas.”