Over 19 months since she last spoke to the people, the Diamond Valley’s favourite vigilante has returned with a frisky Christmas message. Spotted earlier today, the message reads “root your butcher ♥️ megz”, the full lower case font a sharp diversion from previous slogans sprayed in all caps.

While the core of the message is consistent with previous communications from Megan the anti-vegan, it’s been described by some locals as aggressively sexual. And it’s a noticeable escalation from the “HUG YOUR BUTCHER” message scrawled back in 2017 when Megan first rose to prominence.

In fact, regular The Watsonia Bugle readers will remember that Megan’s pro-carnivore crusade trended strongly back in 2017, making it as far as such esteemed publications as the Herald Sun, Diamond Valley Leader, and the Daily Mail. Exactly how far this message will go remains unseen. But you’ll know you heard it here first.