A local graffiti slogan is currently forcing parents to have awkward conversations with their children concerning what’s so special about mushrooms. The message, scrawled on a footpath near the Watsonia North border, just before the Ring Road overpass, boldly proclaims “NO GODS, NO MASTERS… JUST MUSHROOMS.”

While most passerbys indulge in a mild chuckle and continue on their way, parents of inquisitive children are being forced to think on their feet. One such parent contacted The Watsonia Bugle to share details of their ordeal. They said, “It’s a real minefield that one. I mean, what am I supposed to say? It’s a potent cocktail of religion, politics and drugs. Three topics I try to steer my kids away from at any opportunity.”

When pressed on how they actually handled the questions, the anonymous parent said, “I doubt I was overly convincing, but I just said the person who wrote it must’ve been really passionate about healthy eating. Then I tried to change the subject real quick.”