English cricketer Stuart Broad has reportedly sent a care package to Novak Djokovic to thank him for taking Broad’s previous mantle as most disliked athlete in Australia right now. While the details of exactly what was in the gift remain unknown, sources close to the English bowler claim he was very happy to dodge the bulk of the Australian sporting public’s scorn as the current Ashes series draws to its conclusion.

Broad has previously drawn the ire of Australian sports fans, becoming something of a pantomime villain in this country. However, Broad’s previous transgressions are left in the shade by Novak’s recent behaviour, spearheaded by knowingly going out in public while infected with COVID-19.

As the nation holds its collective breath to see whether Novak will be allowed to remain in the country and contest the Australian Open, Broad is enjoying a quieter than usual build-up to tomorrow’s Fifth Test in Hobart.