A local father has complained at length about the increasingly popular Bluey television show, taking specific umbrage with the father depicted in the cartoon series. Darren Neilson believes that Bandit the Blue Heeler sets unrealistic expectations on real-life human fathers, and is sick of his children asking him to play games with them.

Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle about the issue, Neilson said, “It’s just not fair. I mean, he’s a dog, so of course he’s not weighed down by the increasingly complex range of responsibilities that burden a modern, human father. To have my own kids constantly compare me to a cartoon dog is demeaning. Especially when all those comparisons are so unfavourable!”

To level the playing field, Neilson would like to see a 24-hour episode of the hit show, claiming that cherry-picking eight minutes of highlights from one day doesn’t provide a realistic reflection of what goes on in the Heeler household. Neilson said, “Sure, I could probably cobble together a highlights package showing me at my funnest and most best, but I’d like to see the full picture. For example, how fun is Bandit when he’s just asked Bluey and Bingo to brush their teeth for the seventh time and neither of them has responded? How much fun is he after a big night on the doggy beers when one of those little puppies wakes him up at 6am and demands breakfast be served? These are the types of questions I’d like answered.”