An enduring, collective cry of “Woooo!”has been ringing out over the Watsonia region since early yesterday afternoon when news leaked over a wine bar finally opening in our suburb. The whisper, which hit a local community page on Facebook, claims a long-awaited wine bar will open at the location of the old dry cleaners on Watsonia Road.

The post enjoyed impressive engagement, as thirsty residents of Watsonia rushed to share the good news with their friends. If the comments section is anything to go by, the new venue will receive heavy patronage, with some locals even suggestion they’d purchase a membership.

Long-time readers of The Watsonia Bugle would be more than familiar with the suburb’s quest to obtain a wine bar, with the issue first reported by us back in 2018, with countless possible venues reported on since. In fact, back in May last year, we ambitiously hoped the old dry cleaners would be the next potential location, and it seems like our dreams are about to come true. Wooooo!