A local amateur meteorologist is claiming that Watsonia is currently stuck in the midst of a “localised drought”. Despite admitting that he’s invented this term, Peter Owen insists it’s a real thing, and is spending an increasing amount of time monitoring multiple weather apps on his phone, in between Googling what type of rain gauge is the best to install in his backyard.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle about the issue, Owen said, “Seriously, I’ve lost count of the number times in the last fortnight or so that a big rain band has rolled through Melbourne but just missed Watsy. I need the rain for me garden. I demand answers on this!”

Meanwhile, Owen’s wife Janet says the obsession is getting a bit much. She said, “The last two years have done strange things to us all, and in many ways this latest COVID outbreak is almost worse than all the lockdowns we’ve had. We kind of don’t want to leave the house, even though we’re allowed to. It’s very conflicting, but I just think Pete needs to find a better outlet. I’m sick of hearing him talk about high pressure troughs, cumulonimbus cloud formations, and weather apps.”