A local grandfather says he’s staggered by the recommended retail price of Havaianas thongs, openly questioning the sanity of younger family members for paying so much for rubber footwear. Neil Manifred spat out part of his well-done steak at a family BBQ last night when told the full RRP for his daughter’s thongs, telling all and sundry that better value for money could be found elsewhere.

Reflecting on the revelation this morning in an in-depth interview with The Watsonia Bugle, Manifred said, “30 bucks for a pair of double pluggers?! Are you serious? And they were the cheaper ones apparently. You can get the exact same thing at Kmart for a couple of bucks. So why would you pay so much elsewhere?”

Manifred then used the incident to provide wider comment on the tastes of younger generations. He said, “They’re just all obsessed with these big brand names. You know the ones, like Hot Tuna and that. I keep telling the kids, all these things are made in the same factories, but just have different stamps on them. But nobody listens to old Neilo, do they?”