A local woman claims she is secretly enjoying the current “delivery roulette” for online shopping items, as Australia’s supply chain continues to struggle during the current surge of the pandemic. Lisa Bracewell says that while she used to feel comforted by the relatively predictable delivery timeframes in the past, this new and unpredictable arrangement has added some excitement to her life.

Speaking to The Watsonia Bugle, Bracewell said, “I used to seek comfort from the regular emails and text messages informing me of when items would arrive, and I’d avidly track their progress online. It provided some certainty in an increasingly uncertain world. So, I’m surprised by how energised I’ve been by this new ad hoc system. Sometimes I don’t even get a text on the morning of the delivery. It just shows up some time after lunch. And when you consider I’ve been expecting a long delay, and the tracking says the package is still in some warehouse on the other side of Melbourne, you can understand how excited I get when it just turns up on my door step.”

Bracewell claimed that part of her newfound enjoyment in the unpredictable delivery methods comes down to the ongoing toll of leaving the house less often. She said, “I’ve been working from home for pretty much two years now, and in that time the delivery of online shopping has provided rare highlights in otherwise monotonous days. Sure, knowing a package is due to arrive on a certain day is exciting, but this new set up is way more random and, you know what, I think I like it more. Let the chaos reign, I say!”