A new study has boldly suggested that American rapper Nelly’s body temperature regulation methods were, in fact, flawed. In his hit 2002 song, ‘Hot in Herre’, Nelly suggested that an unspecified room’s ambient temperature had risen so rapidly that the best course of action was for all occupants to remove their clothes immediately.

The catchy tune became so popular that the message contained within it received almost universal approval and agreement, leading to 20 years of people instinctively removing all of their clothes when confronted with hot conditions. However, a study conducted by a local university claims that complete nudity may not actually be the superior method for dealing with extremely warm temperatures.

According to the lead researcher from the study, Professor Helen Jensen, certain fabrics and types of clothing have been proven to lower a person’s body temperature more effectively than nuding up. Speaking exclusively to The Watsonia Bugle, Professor Jensen said, “We monitored several individuals, over an extended period of time, in a variety of settings. What we noticed is that, in the majority of cases, a light piece of clothing actually cooled the body faster than complete nudity. So, it seems Mr Nelly has been selling us a lie all this time. Keep your gear on, people.”