A former country boy has admitted that he enjoys a crisp glass of white wine on a hot summer’s night, much to the surprise and amusement of his mates. Gavin McLaughlin, who currently resides in the Paris End of Watsonia, made the stark admission last night during some otherwise light-hearted banter between a few friends in their WhatsApp group.

An anonymous friend within that group rushed to inform The Watsonia Bugle of this intriguing development, suggesting that he’d use that information against McLaughlin for many years to come. The inside source said, “Of all the blokes in that group to enjoy a glass of white, Gav was the last one I expected.”

While the friend conceded that it was 2022 and a grown man in his early 40s should be able to enjoy a glass of white wine in peace, it flew in the face of the majority of McLaughlin’s digital footprint. The source said, “I mean, he’s forever trying to convince everyone how blokey he is, when we all know that the last semblance of his country origins washed off years ago. Probably around the same time he bought that electric lawnmower a few years back.”

When contacted by The Watsonia Bugle about the matter, McLaughlin rejected all offers to comment.